A Hiccup in Paradise!


Not all is as it should be in “Paradise”.  We have had some cold weather which has “eaten” through a lot of our wood for heating with the wood stove, Kent has had several appointments with specialists and will require an operation in the very near future.  I am suffering with a pulled muscle in my side and a cold, the first in several years and to top it all I went to harvest some of my lovely winter vegetables only to discover that the neighbours’ sheep had broken into my garden and eaten everything!  I have decided not to continue planting my vegetable garden as it has become too difficult to keep the garden watered and the battle with the sheep has finished me off!  Vegetables at the local market are not only cheap but also very fresh so all the hard work and money I expend on my garden has become a bit redundant.  I am basically a very optimistic person but at the moment my glass appears to be half empty!  I know that I have been remiss in posting on my blog in the last few months but trips to the nearest big city to specialists and various tests for Kent have taken their toll on my time.  I’m looking forward to Spring with the weather warming up and now that I have made a decision not to plant a vegetable garden any more I will have more time to resume walking, doing Tai Chi, posting on my blog and continuing my Greek studies.  I’m sure my optimism will return once my cold has gone and the weather warms up!  Below are the sad photos of this years’ veggies after the sheep have had their supper.



You can tell that winter has begun when the Christmas lights are turned on in the village and we get the wood in for the fire.  We try to delay lighting the fire until after 4:00 pm but on some days, like yesterday, with the darkness, winds and cold temperatures we gave in and lit the fire much earlier.



Finally we managed to travel and spend some time on Spetses, the island that had a lot to do with our decision to move to Greece for our retirement.  We spent several holidays there and made some good friends, especially dear Kostas who runs Bar Spetses.  When we asked him where he would suggest for our retirement in Greece, he suggested Crete which was still affordable and large enough to provide the infrastructure that one needs for retirement such as public transportation and hospitals.  Crete provides a good mixture of towns, cities, villages and plenty of things to do involving history, traditions, food, beaches, music and entertainment and of course the people who we have found very welcoming. We have now been here for six years and have never regretted our move for one minute.

Spetses Transportation.

On the island of Spetses private cars are prohibited.  However this does not mean that there is peace and quiet! There are many, many motorbikes of various shapes and sizes for private use and every business is allowed a vehicle of some sort and large delivery trucks that supply the supermarkets as well as taxis ( cars as well as water taxis ) to transport visitors from the ferries which is another mode of transport throughout  the islands.  Following are photos of most of the forms of transport that I could find on the island of Spetses.


School Outing.

On Thursday Kent and I joined other students of my Greek teacher, Manolis, to visit Myrtos, a lovely village on the coast about an hours drive away.  We visited the local museum and were given a talk about the local archeological site close by, then a coffee break followed by a visit to listen to a beekeeper talk about producing honey, organically,in the local area.  We then travelled about 4kms into the hills to enjoy a traditional Cretan meal. Myrtos is a lovely area that Kent and I have visited before and where we hope to stay again, with good friends from England, next year .

Holiday 2017 B.C. Canada

Apologies for the lack of posting these last few weeks.  Our internet connections were creating problems and now hopefully they have been fixed.  Below are a few photos taken during our lovely holiday in Canada, staying in our trailer at the river and visiting with relatives and old friends in B.C.

Another Surprise Discovery.

We have been having some very hot weather here on Crete.  When I visit Agios NIkolaos, once I have finished my errands in town I am left with a hike up to the bus station, uphill all the way, not easy in these high temperatures.  On a recent trip I decided to take a different road up to the bus station and half way up the hill, above the “lake” I saw this taverna.  It was a place that had been recommended by a friend and one I had yet to find.  Health wise it was necessary to deal with dehydration, as you can understand, a beer was really necessary.  When I sat down I was presented with the most glorious view of the lake, the complete opposite of the view I had posted from my hairdressers.  In fact I could see my hairdresser from my table.  It was a delight to finally find this taverna that had been recommended for its traditional Cretan food.  A beer was very welcome on my hike up the hill and hopefully I will return at a later date with Kent to sample the food. One of the welcoming things about tavernas on Crete is that one does not feel pressured into ordering food that you may not need and just ordering a beer or a glass of wine is quite acceptable.IMG_0016IMG_0019

Last Harvest.

Weighing in at 5lbs, this is the last remaining vegetable in my winter garden.  I cleared my vegetable garden today and rescued this last cabbage.  Now I have to decide what to do with it.  Maybe my closest neighbour can make use of half of it. IMG_1071