Once a week I travel by taxi and bus into our nearest large town, Aghios Nikolaos, (pop 11,000 ) primarily to buy fruit, veggies and cheese at the market but also to take care of banking and other bits and pieces.  As a reward for all this effort I get my weekly fix of grease (Greece) with the Greek equivalent of Fast Food…Heros pita (I think, known as Donairs in Quebec).  We have found a very Greek Take out and Eat in Taverna which happens to be right on the waterfront with great views.  Today it has been cold and raining, very heavily at times, hence no photos.  I was invited to sit inside…a very male enclave, so I just sat and drank my wine (home made)  and watched the world go by.  Not too much excitement today as the locals tend to turn into Dormice when the weather turns wet and cold, staying inside with fires and food.  There was actually some snow in the mountains over night, a great topic of conversation among the locals.  As I sit in this kafeneon the local farmer is dropping off fresh produce which is then recycled into fast food.  One Heros Pita is enough to satisfy my cravings until the next market day.  I’m still hoping for a quick photo as I sit here finishing my wine, instead I see the farmer collect his lunch, possibly a barter, for the tomatoes he just dropped off.  Sharing this space with me is an old man with his cane, not buying anything, just dozing in the corner.  This happens often in the Kafeneons.  Yesterday Kent and I went for a beer in Latsida in the kafeneon, the only place open for drinks at this time of year.  It was very crowded, but only half the people (men only) were buying anything.  The rest, as it turned out, were waiting for the “Bread man”.  When he arrived the place emptied and after everyone bought their bread they left. Well it’s torrential rain again…so definitely no photos today. It’s nearly time for me to leave to have my hair cut…what a leap of faith…after having my hair cut by the same hairdresser for the past 20 years! (You know who you are Cindy!) I go with a drawing and description of want I want and if all else fails I will be wearing a hat for 6 weeks!  Bye for now from a very soggy, but always interesting Crete.  ps.  1/2 litre of red wine and more lunch than I could manage set me back 6 euros ($7.74)…..Exchange rate is very good for us now.