Today our gas cylinder (propane bottle) ran out.  This supplies gas to our stove top and we needed to buy a replacement.  Although there is a supplier in our village, finding him can can sometimes be a challenge.  The door to the shop was open but no Michaeli (The Gasman).  The men in the Kafeneon, opposite, directed us to Michaeli’s home and the young man, serving in the kafeneon, accompanied us and managed to find the Gasman’s wife.  She walked with us to the shop and after paying for a full bottle of gas, she lent us a dolly and the appropriate spanner for connecting the bottle.  Before we were allowed to leave we were given a pound of newly ground coffee!  It turns out that this shop also sells newly ground coffee to the locals.  Bit of a strange mix, don’t you think?  We then pushed and pulled the gas cylinder home much to the amusement of local neighbours, sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.  The dolly, spanner and empty gas bottle were duly returned by Kent and left outside the shop for the still absent owner.

The second gift, today, was pressed into my willing arms by our nearest and dearest neighbour, Eleni, who is looking after a plot of land for people who live in Athens.  The Mandarin and Orange trees are all loaded with fruit ready for picking at this time of year…definitely time to buy a juicer! (Even the old fashioned manual juicer to begin with)  It may prove a good investment to buy an electric juicer, considering how plentiful and inexpensive the fruit is in this area (especially when it is free!)