A few days ago Kent and I went to our nearest big town, Aghios Nikolaos, to purchase a much needed printer, copier and scanner for our computer. With all the paper work needed  to keep up with the Greek bureaucracy and coping with banking overseas, it is an absolute necessity.  After buying the printer we decided to go for my “Birthday” celebration meal. (too much going on to celebrate at the time).

We went to La Strada, ( a cut above the souflaki joints,) a very nice restaurant which we have visited before as a treat. This restaurant was about a 15 minutes walk from the bus station, and the printer, although not heavy, was a bit awkward to carry, especially added to  the market day purchases.

After a very good meal with some lovely wine”from the barrel”,  we were chatting with the Greek owner of the restaurant, while picking up all our purchases, ready for the uphill grind to the bus station.  He immediately asked us how far we had to go and on hearing that we had to go to the bus station he offered to take the printer for us and meet us there. Service above and beyond the call of duty!  Needless to say the restaurant went to the top of our list.  Wonderful food and wonderful service, all for a very reasonable price (wonderful wine too…about the best I’ve had in Greece so far, especially for house wine.)

I don’t think I will have to wait for my next birthday for our next visit!