I was coming home after my usual afternoon walk and saw one of our local ladies making her way up the road leaning rather heavily on her stick and carrying two bags of what I assumed was produce from her garden.

As I caught up to this lady I realised that she was our closest neighbour.  We actually share a two foot thick stone wall.  I offered to help carry one of the bags and despite her objections I grabbed a bag and we walked slowly back to our houses.  During this walk we chatted about many things…..me in my pigeon Greek with Eleni helping me with my pronounciation.  What could not be communicated in the spoken word was helped along with much miming and chuckles.  When we arrived at Eleni’s front door I was invited in to be given some of the produce from her garden and an impromptu lesson on how to prepare the greens.  Before I left I was given eggs from Eleni’s chickens,  some “pitas” (small pies) from her freezer and an understanding that she would be happy to help me learn Greek cooking.  She has the reputation of being a really great cook.   How lucky am I?