The day started very early.  I had set the alarm for 6 am but kept waking up every hour or so in case the alarm did not go off.  It was THE DAY that the container truck, full of all our special belongings, would finally arrive in Latsida after 5 months of storage, transit, customs and much much paperwork.  The truck was supposed to arrive, after a phonecall from our nearest large town.  This being Greece neither the phonecall or truck arrived at the expected time.  After waiting for an hour I walked up to the outskirts of the village to hopefully meet the truck.  The truck is too large to navigate the narrow streets of our little village so a “shuttle truck” had been ordered.  The village was very quiet and the sun just coming up over the hills.














After waiting another 1/2 hour I saw a big truck pull over to the side of the road with lights flashing.






I ran towards the truck waving my arms and with sparse Greek words and some mime asked was this truck for us.  YES it was our truck.







So began the shuttling of our stuff to our “little” house which became smaller and smaller as all the boxes and furniture began to fill it.



































The good news is that Kent still managed to find a corner to work on the computer!  The further good news is that everything is now here, safe and sound.  The bad news is that we have to unpack all this!  As I said “Be careful what you wish for!”