Our little house has always been “Light challenged” and it was always a priority on our list of “to do s” to improve this situation.  After weeks of phone calls and e mails we managed to make contact with a recommended, Greek electrician.Here he is in all his “ineffable hugeness!”  Our electrician “Andonis”.

So “Let there be a big mess”  as cupboards had to be unpacked to accommodate the new lights above the counter in the kitchen.Here is the result.Now at least when we cut a finger we can see the damage!

While fixing lights he also added an improvement to the “Hobbit office”. We now have a socket for plugging in computer and printer and reading lamp.Andonis also installed a socket in the outside cupboard under the stairs to accommodate the freezer…more of the ongoing creative storage solutions.

There are more lights to be installed  in Kent’s studio and the kitchen but these will have to wait until we get back from our little trip to “Jolly Olde” We are spending 10 days in England visiting Kent’s daughter Mila, my brother Nick and family and my best friend Julia and company.

More blogging after we get back.