One of the main reasons that Crete was our Greek island of choice is that it is one of the largest of the Greek islands and there are many places to visit for day trips or longer stays.  Believe it or not life gets busy even for retirees and we have not taken too many trips yet.  However a few weeks ago we traveled by bus to Sitia a port on the eastern side of Crete and stayed for one night.  Believe me, the bus journey to Sitia was the most exciting part of the trip….spectacular views over the sea and of the mountains on the other side of the road.  Unfortunately I have no photos as there were no stops along the way and taking photos through dusty bus windows just doesn’t work. However here are some photos of our 24 006hours in Sitia.004 005008




















Lunch at this taverna on the waterfront.





















Patterns just asking to be photographed.







This old lady is whitewashing her house, an annual, springtime ritual in Greece.








My apologies for the random arrangement of photos I haven’t quite got the hang of posting yet.  Whenever I’m posting on this blog I don’t feel like experimenting I just want to get the post online.  Better luck next time…now off to do Greek homework.