Ho Hum -Hum Drum.


Even in our little corner of Paradise the weather has not been good – cold, misty, grey, rainy and windy.  Temperatures went down to 7 degrees Celsius (“This aint the way we planned it at all!”)  We have been spoilt with a few beautiful sunny days with temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius and we are not used to wrapping up in winter coats and scarves when we have to go to town. We have become rather like our Greek neighbours who hunker down inside and never go out unless the sun is shining.  Other Ho-Hums – there’s never just one small problem in the house (“Troubles come not as single spies but in battalions”)  Light fixtures have failed, drain grills in bathrooms and courtyard have broken, the fridge handle has broken etc etc etc! Well these too will pass and spring is definitely on the way…

DSCF0450The Plum tree here is promising plums for sauces and jams.