Yesterday I had to go for a follow up appointment with my Dental surgeon in Heraklion.

DSCF1305Waiting in the square for our taxi.

DSCF1306Our taxi driver Kostas, also our weatherman, news reporter and Greek teacher.

DSCF1308Our local bus station in Neapoli where much time is spent having missed a bus or arrived too early for one.  Time for coffee, you might think?  Wrong, as the buses are too unpredictable and I have, in the past, not had time to drink my coffee as the bus arrived early.

DSCF1309Gives true meaning to the phrase “Hurry up and wait!”

DSCF1310Our “Healthy” lunch after seeing my dentist and waiting for the Xray department to open for the final decision on the success of my operation.

DSCF1313The weather changed dramatically with thunder and lightning and heavy rain.

DSCF1315Mission completed it was back to the bus station in Heraklion, not as nice as our local one.

DSCF1316Hurry up and wait…..again.DSCF1317The usual confusion, amongst locals and tourists alike.  Which bus?  What time? Where is it going?  Of course it doesn’t help when buses change at the last minute depending on how many passengers there are on the bus.

DSCF1319At last, back home to some very hungry and slightly soggy cats!  It was a long day, from 8:45 am until 6:45 pm just for one check up appointment.