DSCF1370Supper at Sofia’s. Tsatziki.

DSCF1372Fava……not to be confused with Fava beans. A dip made with yellow lentils.

DSCF1373Eggplant slices stuffed with cheeseDSCF1374Fried squid (Kalamari)

DSCF1375Cheese soufflé with potatoes.  A signature dish of the tavern

The meal was preceded with free mezes and ended with a free dessert.  Accompanied with Retsina. beer and excellent hostess skills.

DSCF1357Autumn approaches although it is still warm enough to swim in the sea.  We are going to the beach tomorrow…..photos to follow.


DSCF1333Still lovely in the village

DSCF1334DSCF1350And of course there’s always the cats!

Bye for now more photos later.