I finally seem to have got it right.  I have been harvesting zucchinis for the last week and have just started picking cucumbers.  The beans have just started flowering so hopefully I  will be able to harvest the beans before we come to Canada for our holiday.

The secret….First of all I halved the size of the garden and left the other half to fallow, as I had noticed that the soil was no longer producing much (not even weeds!)  I fertilized with a bought commercial fertilizer…enough of this organic nonsense!  I disposed of the automatic drip watering system, which was giving me so much grief and water the plants by hand every morning.  I systematically check the plants every morning and administer bug spray when necessary.  This just takes a little while, first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot and the results speak for themselves.

I decided to grow the tomatoes in pots on my terrace and will see how that turns out.  I also decided to only plant vegetables that are easy to grow and that we like to eat fresh or freeze or pickle.



Now I’m off to make a zucchini tart for supper and some zucchini pickles….I seem to have created even more work for myself!  Isn’t that what retirement is all about?