What a surprise……the original mama cat “Pinko” turned up after several months away.  She was one of our original adopted “outside” cats who, after giving birth to four kittens, brought them to us to be adopted!  We took them in and christened them, Whitey, Max, Min and Shadow.  Another of our adopted cats, Grey Beard, gave birth to one kitten and also left it with us.  The first family took in this little grey and white kitten and she has been one of the family ever since, called LGB.  Shadow as you may remember disappeared quite a while ago and so did Pinko.  Anyway Pinko turned up three days ago and ate supper in our courtyard and also visited the next day.  Today she has not been around but will probably come back again.  Tis the nature of feral cats to come and go at will and we are still hoping that Shadow will return.