New Year 2016

Apologies as usual for the gap in posts for the last few weeks.  Our computer had some problems and when they were fixed I lost a few programmes including our Skype and my downloading programme for my camera.  Thanks to my Greek teacher I am able to post a few photos of our latest celebration.

IMG_1801This is the cutting of the New Year’s Cake with lots of the students of our teacher Manolis. This celebration takes place anytime during the first two months of the year, when families, friends and groups of people get together for the cake, drinks and nibbles.

untitledIMG_1808The highlight of the proceedings is the finding, by someone,  a coin in a piece of cake.  Surprise, surprise Kent was the winner and not only did this mean that he won a prize, it also ensures a year of good luck.  Kent always says that he never wins anything!  Actually I benefitted by his win which did include a very special edition of dictionaries Greek to English which will help in my Greek studies.

IMG_1809 (1)

Kent certainly deserves a year of “GOOD LUCK” after the trials and tribulations of last year!